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Grosskopfs offside music - Unswervingly delicate
There was never any real noisy publicity for composer Erhard Grosskopf, born 1934 in Berlin, where he is living since then. But stillness, being introverted anyway has become stronger with time than showing off with airs and graces. Grosskopf wrote offside music, music of emphazising observation. He once instructed "Unswervingly delicate" for the interpretation of his "Quintett über den Herbstanfang" and added "…until the rest of the orchestra becomes so quiet that the delicate remains as something strong." Now a double CD has been released, dedicated to Grosskopfs creative work with pieces out of 1981 to 1994. On may be amazed about a creative unswervingness which to a certain extent can be compared to that of György Kurtag. They are enigmatic sounds of insistency, of persisting in a forest of question marks, doubts, unsafe regions, they are works of quiet power. But that makes his music so exciting. It has the perseverance which only can grow, when you let your own ear listen without hesitation. And it listens deeply into the mysteries which underminingly accompany our doing and wanting. The CD is comparable to a discovery of somebody who has been present long since but because of his modesty hardly was noticed.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reinhard Schulz

Within the musical avant-garde Erhard Grosskopf's work appears to be like a supernatural vision. The Berliner is "strange", not at home in any "scene" and not obligated to any style trend. His compositions are strongly methodical but not at all strict. He works with complex systems of time and sound layers and cannot do without a computer since 1984 to synchronize those. But the computer is only the formal basis for the gentle expressiveness of his works.
With "Sound Pool – Adagio" finally a double CD came out which emphatically documents the exceptional status of this artist. Compositions for orchestra, ensemble and piano formulate his universal high demand to music. ...
Berliner Morgenpost, Matthias R. Entress

... Sensibility in the treatment of extreme instruments, sound fantasy, rhythmical freshness, and rhythmical originality, expressive energy and a gentleness corresponds with the refinement and the distinguished reservedness of the composer himself. Erhard Grosskopf lives in Berlin as a composer – and as a composer only, a profession which with its radical exclusiveness often borders to insanity compared with the worldly mania for security. Therefore his expressive music opens structures of a highly subtle sound in which austerity and simplicity are evident and intended. Being lost to the edge of stillness, to the zones of unreflectedness, and to the regions of light and the supernatural weaving is being lost to the mental intellect. In this Grosskopf's music is incomparable. One can only think highly of the Academy of the Arts that it finally came out with this double CD.
SWR2-Radio, CD Tip,
Hans-Peter Jahn

... Music with many mystery edges ... a very own, aloof music parlance ... You feel like submerging in those strange worlds.
nmz (neue musikzeitung), Reinhard Schulz

... Now, finally on a double CD ... also in the here collected instrumental chamber and orchestral works of the past twenty years one can feel Grosskopf's engagement with electronic music as well as the inclination to the mathematical calculation which appears in the tension to the expressiveness of his music. This results in the structures of high tonal delicacy. It is not astonishing that Morton Feldman felt close to the young Grosskopf during his time in Berlin.
Der Tagesspiegel, Volker Straebel

... It is remarkable and certainly significant for the iron modes of our music business that an own head as this one experienced so many breakthroughs and even so falls between all chairs. Late, but still yet, in the scope of a project of the Berlin Academy of Arts a portrait double CD with a cross section through Grosskopf's œuvre came out.
... Even though an own sound is in it and it continues quite different. However the affinity to romanticism, to the poetry of yearning, hope, and loneliness passes through the entire œuvre of Grosskopf. The strong espressivo, the melancholic ethos of his sound parlance is communicated to every listener spontaneously. This lone individual should have been popular long ago – after all he writes in classical genres with today's methods. Autumn's Beginnings, "Lenz" Musics, Images of Better Times – only, unfortunately as a rule artists of this calibre don't have smooth careers.
SWR2-Radio, CD Prism, Eleonore Büning

... convinces the unpretentious urgency and followed through self nature of the music pieces ...
Ulrich Dibelius, musicologist

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